Monday, February 17, 2014

Page 14 in Honor of Valentine's

Ella Quinn is doing a cute thing today, encouraging people to post page 14 of their novels in a belated celebration of Valentine's Day. In keeping with that, here's page 14 of Trials of Artemis. Turned out to be a fun page to post! (Page numbering via print version.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Walters waved a hand. "My apologies for the attempt at humor. Please, have a seat. Brandy?"
"Yes, please." It was all he could do to not suggest that Walters hand him the whole bottle.
Returning from the sideboard with two glasses Walters sank into the guest chair next to Gideon after handing him his drink, rather than sitting behind the desk. "So," he said without preamble, "you think you want to marry my daughter."
Choking a bit on the swallow of brandy he had taken, Gideon managed. "Of course."
Walters had crossed his legs and begun jiggling his foot while staring down into his own brandy glass. "I have to warn you that Jacqueline is not in favor of the marriage."
Gideon frantically searched his memory. Was Jacqueline the daughter or the wife? He couldn't recall that he knew either name so stayed silent.
"My wife is overjoyed of course. Her father was a merchant and now her daughter will be a countess."
A-ha! Jacqueline was the daughter. His future wife and he hadn't known her name. Nor that her mother had come from the merchant class. And her father didn't seem inclined toward the match either. Perhaps Gideon would ask for the bottle.
Walters' pale blue gaze rose to meet his own again. "From all that I've heard about you, Harrington, I wouldn't have thought you to be a man of few words."
"I'm, ah, overcome with the event."
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Oh Gideon. Never change. Haven't read Trials of Artemis? Check it out on Amazon (Kindle and Print):

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