Frequently Asked Questions about the Haberdashers
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Q: When will Athena's Ordeal (Haberdashers Book Two) be out?
A: August 31, 2013

Q: Why is Trials of Artemis only available on Amazon Kindle or via your website?
A: Funny story. See, I had this little romance book that I wanted to put out and the agreement with my husband was to not sink a ton of money into it before we saw whether or not it could sell. Amazon is the easiest platform to publish on before acquiring an ISBN, etc. so we started there. I figured maybe I could sell a couple hundred copies to cover the original investment and take it to other formats in a few months. Oops. We underestimated the popularity a little bit. So other vendors, and print, will be available by October 2013.

Q: How many Haberdashers books will there be?
A: Twelve are planned.

Q: When will ALL of the Haberdashers books be out?
A: Expect the books to follow a publishing schedule of approximately every three to six months.

Q: When will the books be available in print?
A: The first two books will be available in print in September 2013. The remainder of the series will be available in print at the same time they become available in e-book.

Q: What are the rest of the books about?
A: Each book will be the love story of a particular couple, but the Haberdashers will always be involved. And... there is an underlying plot for all twelve books.

Q: Are the Haberdashers books 100% historically accurate?
A: Not really, nor are they meant to be. Many books of this genre are really historical fantasy. However, I put an author's note at the back of my books to disclose what I discovered in my research and what elements I've included on purpose or changed on purpose. Other stuff? Assume I made it up. (Also, if you've read more than three books on a particular historical event you know that NOTHING can be 100% historically accurate unless there is verified documentation. Even experts often disagree on what really happened!)


  1. Hi Just got done reading Athena's Ordeal. Loved it! Your characters are multidimensional and I love that Quince doesn't fit the "rake" description of most regency romance novels. Please tell me there will be a romance between George and Robert?

  2. I second that!!!! It would be perfectly dreamy. Except In reading the future book list I think Robert has his own story separate from George:(