Thursday, June 20, 2013

How Many Haberdashers Books Will There Be?

There are twelve individual novels planned, starting with Trials of Artemis. There are some story arcs that will weave through all the novels. There will most likely also be associated novellas and short stories.

The first three novels are the love stories of each of the actual Haberdashers (Jack, Sabre, and George). The next two novels will be about the Bittlesworth Boys (Robert and Charlie). After that we have so much to do. We will catch up with Lady Spencer again, traveling with her to France. Then it is back to England to find out whatever happened to Philip Gladstone. Then we ask ourselves "What have Sam and Justin been up to all this time?" The answer may be surprising. We also explore the stories of four of the Hobbes children (Travis, Gordon, Emmy, and Mary), interspersed with the others. Sound like fun?

Thanks so much for reading The Haberdashers!


  1. Have enjoyed all the wit and humor - more of the same to come I hope!

  2. I'm hooked. Great books. Would love to pre-order book three. When can we expect it?